Queensberry Nursery
Children by department
Pre-Prep Department

Children can join our pre-prep Department from the ages of 2 ½ years, we offer a full day and half day option.

In our pre-prep department all children participate in their daily activities from learning to recognise letters, numbers painting arts and crafts, sticking and playing with play dough. Learning to sing nursery rhymes, listening to music and an introduction to their first dance steps. Children are also taught the practical skills of everyday life, dressing up, putting their shoes on and eating skills.

4 to 5 years attend a full day 9am-3.30pm

All children follow the EYPS with qualified and experienced staff. Children are encouraged to develop further their social and learning skills from the recognition of letters and numbers to reading, writing and simple adding and subtraction, whilst carrying on activities in painting, artwork, sports, music, drama and use of computer. All at a pace suited to their individual needs.

Extra Activities
Music & Movement