Queensberry Nursery
About us
Our Aim
Our aim is to have enchanting and happy environment and do more than simply teach our young children; we introduce them to the pleasure of learning, building their confidence through participating in daily activities and to explore their talents and interests.

Whilst aiming to develop children academically, children are also encouraged to be kind, helpful and to learn to share and enjoy the school environment.

Babies and Toddlers
Baby Room: Each baby has his or her own bed, baby soft toys and the attention of staff at all times.

Toddlers: have array of toys and activities to stimulate their mind and to explore new ways of life and socialise with other children.

Parents are assured that their children however small, will be loved and cared for whilst keeping in mind the values and traditions of home.

We consider it important to have close contact with parents for the individual needs of every child.